Brussels College

English-taught programs, global standards, diverse community, strategic location, and the lowest tuition fees in Europe.

Why Choose Brussels College?

At Brussels College, immerse yourself in a globally recognized educational experience featuring a rich blend of in-person, hybrid, and online courses.

Located in the vibrant capital of Europe, our college offers popular accredited programs in Business, IT, Psychology, and Education, all taught in English. Prepare for a promising future with our comprehensive support services, from career counseling to language acquisition.

Comprehensive Learning Formats

Offers in-person, hybrid, and online educational options to meet the diverse needs of students in Brussels, accommodating various learning preferences and schedules.

Regulated and Cost-Effective Programs

Offers reasonably priced, widely recognized UK-based programs in high-demand fields, enabling seamless transfers to universities in Belgium, the EU, the UK, and worldwide.

English Instruction with Prep School

All programs are delivered in English, supported by a full English preparation school for students needing to enhance their language skills.

Strategic European Location

Situated in Europe's capital, Brussels College offers excellent mobility across European countries and the chance to learn French and Dutch.

Networking and Career Opportunities

Facilitates networking with international profiles and provides robust student job support through a dedicated team to help navigate professional pathways.

Student Support and Accessibility

Ensures easy access to accommodations and campus facilities, very close to Brussels Airport, with dedicated teams for career counseling and general student support.

Our Programs

Brussels College is committed to empowering future business professionals to actualize their aspirations. Whether seeking to launch a new career, merge their passions, or progress in their existing roles, we provide the means for advancement.

In the forthcoming future, we intend to extend our offerings to include both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.



Flexibility Meets Affordability

Experience a blend of in-person, hybrid, and online learning options at Brussels College, tailored to accommodate your unique lifestyle, part-time student job in Belgium, and learning preferences. All our programs are taught in English and provide global recognition, along with the flexibility to seamlessly transfer across universities in Belgium, the EU, the UK, and worldwide. Located in the heart of Europe, Brussels College offers a cost-effective education, minimizing traditional commuting and relocation costs, and equipping you for a successful international career.

Global Gateway Campus

Brussels College Near Brussels Airport

Discover the convenience of Brussels College’s campus, ideally located near Brussels Airport. This prime location ensures easy accessibility for both local and international students, making your journey to a world-class education as seamless as possible.

Join us for a unique academic experience where global connectivity meets innovative learning in the heart of Europe.


Think Outside the Box

Experience education firsthand at Brussels College, where our pedagogical approach transcends traditional classroom boundaries. Engage directly in practical tasks and acquire knowledge through hands-on action. Here, you're not just learning; you're making a real difference through forward-thinking innovation.

Is Hybrid Education Right for You?


Brussels College offers flexible on-campus and hybrid education tailored to fit your lifestyle. Combining traditional classroom experiences with the convenience of online components, our programs allow you to engage directly with faculty and peers while enjoying the freedom of independent study.

This blended approach supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning, ensuring a comprehensive, adaptable educational experience. Whether on campus or online, our focus is to enrich your academic journey.

What makes us Different


Our on-campus and hybrid programs are regulated and recognized by Ofqual, the renowned UK Government Qualification Recognition Office. They combine rigorous standards and comprehensive coursework for a transformative learning experience that meets global academic and professional expectations.


Situated in the heart of Europe, Brussels College offers unmatched global mobility and networking opportunities. Our strategic location provides easy access to numerous European countries, facilitating both academic collaborations and cultural exchanges that enrich the educational experience.


At Brussels College, immerse yourself in a multilingual environment where you can learn French and Dutch alongside your major studies. This unique setting not only enhances language skills but also prepares you for a competitive international job market by fostering cultural adaptability.

Career Support

Our dedicated career counseling and student job support services at Brussels College ensure you not only pursue your academic goals but also prepare comprehensively for your future career. From the outset, we provide personalized guidance and resources to help you navigate your professional path effectively.

International Students


Embrace Diversity

Brussels College aspires to foster a vibrant international community. We warmly invite global students to add to our diverse academic mosaic. By applying to Brussels College, you join a dynamic socio-cultural platform that promotes diversity and growth. Embark on an educational journey that knows no borders.

Stay with Us

As a leader in both on-campus and hybrid education, Brussels College partners with top educational institutions to deliver UK-accredited, globally recognized programs in Brussels. We offer a blend of rigorous in-person and flexible online courses designed to meet the diverse needs of our student body, ensuring access to high-quality education in the heart of Europe.

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Legal Compliance


Brussels College is a leading higher education institution in Belgium, known for full compliance with Belgian educational laws. Our operations strictly align with principles in the Belgian Constitution, and we adhere to all relevant decrees governing higher education in the region. Our commitment to these legal standards ensures that our educational practices are recognized and maintain the highest excellence throughout Belgium, making Brussels College a trusted and respected name in higher education.


Beyond local adherence, Brussels College is regulated by the UK Government's Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), ensuring our programs meet British educational standards. This compliance enables us to offer recognized and respected programs across the European Union and globally. The framework allowing foreign educational providers to operate in Belgium under their home country's regulations boosts our credibility and prepares our graduates for international careers.

Our Mission


Established on the pillars of inclusivity, diversity, and teamwork, we are a pioneering educational institution aimed at broadening educational opportunities, advancing research brilliance, and generating societal benefits. Despite our differences, we are bound together by a common purpose.

We are an amalgamation of students, academics, and staff from various walks of life, forming a united community. We are many, yet united as one.

Goal & Vision


Brussels College is dedicated to the success and achievements of our students. We strive to create an academic environment that meets the diverse needs of our students, integrates rigorous educational standards, and fosters integrity. This supportive atmosphere not only helps students achieve their academic and career goals but also guides them to reach their fullest potential in a global context.


The primary objective of Brussels College is to foster students' personal and professional growth. Our programs, compliant with both Belgian and UK standards, are designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in a globalized world. This preparation ensures our graduates are well-prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of their future careers.

Our Facilities

Located near Brussels Airport, Brussels College offers a modern campus ideal for both local and international students. Our facilities support on-campus and hybrid learning with advanced technologies, digital libraries, and diverse educational events. We host career fairs, wellness programs, and provide peer mentoring and expert-led webinars. Our community thrives through engaging social events and clubs, ensuring a comprehensive student experience.


Feel free to contact us anytime! We're always ready to assist you on your journey towards an outstanding education.
Tuition & Fees
Brussels College provides quality education at affordable rates, with further financial aid options available on our website.
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